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Glass Steamroller Pipe - Heavy Hitter



Steamroller Pipe is definitely not for beginners.  It will give you huge, sharp and powerful hits! Some people have compared smoking from a steamroller pipe to getting a dry hit from a bong, without any water filtration used to smooth and cool the smoke. Steamroller pipes lovers cite its strong, hard hit as part of its appeal.

Steamrollers get their name based on their similarity to the pipe on the wheel of a steamroller train. The pipe shape is based on the calumet pipes that were traditionally used by Native Americans in their ceremonial gatherings.


Steamroller pipes are available in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes.  Each one features a big bowl on the cylinder which is open at both ends.

You can use the pipe by lighting the material in the bowl. Use your hand to cover the end of the pipe. Then start pulling the smoke from the other end. Once tube fills with smoke, you can remove your hand from the end to allow in a rush of air as you inhale it.


Best producers of high-quality glass bongs often offer their own line of steamroller glass pipes.  Those who demand the best in high-grade glass can enjoy top-notch craftsmanship in a steamroller pipe from EHLE, G-Spot, ROOR, Mountain Jam Glass Company , Magic Glass and American Glass Works, without the bulk and inconvenience of a regular waterpipe.

Steamroller pipes are recognized by classic design, portability and a sharp, powerful hit. You can browse trough wide variety of glass steamroller pipes in the Headshop. There is a large variety of  steamroller pipes that fit every budget.

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We are here to help you find the best steamroller pipe for yourself and your friends so you can finally start enjoying it at your own friendly gatherings!

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From small and simple clear glass steamrollers to hefty and adorned with artistically hand-crafted glass color pipes.

Inspiration and creativity.

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Mountain Jam Glass Company

Steamroller Pipe - Grave labs Steamroller Glass Pipes Steamrollers 600

Grav Labs Steamroller Pipes

Steamroller Pipe - EHLE Steamroller Glass Pipes Steamrollers

EHLE Steamroller Pipes

Steamroller Pipe - ROOR Steamroller Glass Pipes Steamrollers - 600

ROOR Steamroller Pipes

Steamroller Pipe - Magic Glass Steamroller Glass Pipes Steamrollers 600

Magic Glass Steamroller Pipes

Steamroller Pipe - G-Spot Steamroller Glass Pipes Steamrollers

G-Spot Steamroller Pipes

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